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How do you keep the "Global Ambassador of Joy" happy and in motion?

Grace was only 2 when Lindsay felt she needed some extra mobility support. Now, she's running around and playing with her family!

By Antinol Team

Written with love

“At two years old, she had the rest of her life ahead of her. Now I am supporting her life-long healthy mobility, and that means the absolute world to me”.

We love hearing about your pets here at Antinol®. So Chloe White RVN, our education specialist, has met with some of our pet parents to hear about their pet’s incredible mobility journeys.

Chloe had a chat with Lindsay about her beautiful 2-year-old working golden retriever, Grace, to hear how Antinol® is helping Grace live her best life. 

A smiling Grace in the field 

The global ambassador for joy

“Grace is a very, very happy girl. We call her the ‘global ambassador for joy’ because she spreads joy wherever she goes.”

Lindsay loves nothing more than getting out running with her two dogs, Grace and Betty. 

“When I say I'm a runner, I'm not particularly fast; I just do it for fun. All of us are reasonably fit and run a few times a week, but I noticed that Grace was starting to lag behind a little bit.”

Lindsay with Grace and Betty

The “next-level” joint supplement

“My vet Mike, mentioned Antinol®. He said it was a joint supplement and went into quite a lot of technical detail, which I must admit, I didn't understand. I explained that she was on another, well-known supplement, but he said, ‘well, that's good. It's a great product, but Antinol® is next level.’ I remember his language. He said, ‘It's next level.’” 

Whilst chatting in a support group on social media, Lindsay asked if anyone else had given Antinol® a try with their dogs. 

“I remember clearly; I had two or three people come back with these absolutely, almost unbelievable, amazing personal experiences that were very similar to Grace's. I think that, together with Mike's recommendation, swayed me. I thought, ‘right, let's give this a try’.”


Feeding the capsules was never a problem

“Grace is greedy, to be honest, but they’re tiny capsules, so I just put them on her food, and they disappear. I had to manage my expectations with them, and I was a bit sceptical that they could do anything more to support her normal mobility, than the supplement we were already using.”


Up to 90% of pet owners saw a difference in their pet’s mobility whilst using Antinol. However, every pet is individual, and some see a difference quicker than others. For Lindsay and Grace, it wasn’t instant, but they persevered. 

“It was gradual – not an overnight ‘wow’ moment, but it’s been amazing. Grace has been on Antinol® for about 9-months now, and we noticed a difference at around 3-months. It wasn't straight away, but she has been at her best for a number of months now.”


Grace is out running with Lindsay and Betty, being an excitable 2-year-old, loving life, and Lindsay couldn’t be happier!

Grace running on the beach

“It's been amazing. I could go knocking on doors, telling people about AntinolⓇ.  Grace’s mobility is 100%, which means the absolute world to me. She is chasing squirrels. She's running with me. She's doing her fantastic dives into water, swimming. She's absolutely 100%.”


So, what would Lindsay and Grace tell other pet owners in their position?

“Give Antinol® a try. Don't be overwhelmed. Don't be disheartened. It's our duty to them, isn't it? To give them the best chance and to look after them. They give us so much.”

We loved having Grace (and Lindsay, of course) join us, and we can’t wait to see more videos of her tearing around with Betty. 

Grace and Betty

If your pet has an Antinol® success story, we would love you to join us for a chat. Get in touch at (And we will never turn down a cute photo or happy video of your pet!)

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