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Phoebe is a joy to see. She's having a blast with Antinol®!

9-year-old Labrador Retriever, Phoebe was starting to need extra mobility support. With Antinol she's swimming, playing, and running around like her 4-year-old self.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

“It’s a joy to see! She runs; she chases squirrels and rabbits in the backyard. She has a blast!”

Phoebe + Gayla

Gayla and Phil adore Phoebe, their 9-year-old English cream retriever. You can hear it in their voices when they talk about her. They are brimming over with love for each other.

Gayla and Phil go camping with their dogs, but Phoebe was avoiding the steps into their camper van, and at home, she just wanted to relax on the rug. 

“She had no desire to run and wasn’t enthusiastic about anything.”

Phoebe laying on her back


Gayla and Phil started to think that Phoebe needed extra support to keep her joints healthy and support her long-term mobility as she aged. 

Gayla was keen to use natural remedies. Initially, she tried hemp oil, but the impact quickly wore off. 

Phil says, “Gayla was doing so much research. She worked so hard to find something natural that could support Phoebe. Then she saw an advert for Antinol®Ⓡ, and she's like, ‘We're going to try this. It has excellent reviews, and  people are raving about it.’ And what a world of difference it has made!”

The first 2 weeks with Antinol®Ⓡ are crucial, and it is recommended that you give your pet double the maintenance number of softgels for this period. Some owners see a difference quickly, but every pet is different, and some take a little longer. This was the case for Phoebe.

“We were counting down the days, hoping to see a difference, but it wasn’t instant. So Gayla got in touch with Vetz Petz via their social media. They helped us work out a plan for her, and we felt like they really went above and beyond to support us.”

“Yes,” says Gayla, “after the first month, I got back in touch with the Vetz Petz contact. They were fantastic. What a fantastic company! The guy said, ‘I tell you what, double up for another month, and we’ll go from there.’ Well, it was brilliant!”

“That second month made all the difference.  We are overjoyed. I mean, literally overjoyed! We are just thrilled with the results.”

Tom of Vetz Petz explains why some dogs take longer than others when starting their Antinol®Ⓡ Journey.

“It’s like people, no two pets are the same, and some take longer than others to see a difference. Larger pets may take longer for Antinol®Ⓡ to get to work in their systems. Patience is key. Persevere. 90% of pet owners will see a difference with AntinolⓇ.”

“Actually,” says Phil, “Phoebe has lost around 10lbs. She’s up and active now, and as a result, some weight is coming off her.”

Phoebe happily laying on her back


Phil and Gayla are delighted with Phoebe, she is her happy, bouncy self, and they are loving life together. 

“We went from the pits of despair, worrying about her, but she’s having fun, healthy, and just having a blast! She trots up and down the steps to the camper and is excited to get out.”

“We have a long backyard, she goes down to the very end, and we say, ‘Come on, Phoebe, it's time to go in,’ and she runs to the back door. She’s running like she’s about four years old!”

Phoebe likes to get comfy, and she used to sleep sprawled out on her back, but recently her joints have made it impossible. 

Gayla is telling anyone who will listen about AntinolⓇ. We asked what she would say to another pet parent wanting to support their furry friend’s mobility. 

“I would tell them it’s worth it and to have patience. It may not be instant, but you’ll see a difference. AntinolⓇ is definitely worth a shot.” 

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