The 4 critical questions to ask

Question #1 - Is it safe?

Do they have species-specific safety studies? How is it manufactured? Can you use it with all your patients?

Ingredients – Fully traceable and sustainably sourced, Antinol®️ is a super potent oil with over 90 essential fatty acids, including DHA, EPA, OTA, and ETA. 

Manufacturing – Green-lipped mussels undergo our patented stabilization and extraction technique, protecting the therapeutic value of the oils packed into the 260 mg softgel of-Antinol®️.

Side effects – Antinol®️ has no contraindications or known severe side effects.

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Question #2 - Does it work?

How much do you need? Is it readily bioavailable? Will your patients eat it?

No mussel powder - Antinol®️ is 20x more concentrated than mussel powder, which is the waste product of our production process.

Bioavailability – Antinol®️ is fully available, with one Antinol®️ softgel being equivalent to 50 500mg green-lipped mussel powder tablets.

Palatability –Pets love Antinol®️; most pets will take it straight from your hand. For picky pets, use a pill pocket or wrap.

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Question #3 – Is it backed by Science?

Is it backed by high-quality, peer-reviewed studies that are freely available to read and evaluate?

Science-based – Antinol®️ is backed by independent scientific research and real-world case studies undertaken by doctors and vets in practice and at major universities worldwide.

Available studies – Antinol®️ has over 15 peer-reviewed, presented, and public studies.  Ongoing research – We continuously invest in research and development, with two additional studies published by the end of 2022.

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Question #4 - Does the company stand behind its product?

Does it have a money-back guarantee? Is it readily available? Can you try it first?

Money-Back Guarantee – If your clients do not see a difference within the first 60 days, we'll refund their money.

Distribution Partners - Antinol is widely available through veterinary wholesalers and distributors across Europe. Please contact us for to find out your best placed distributor.

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