For cats that plan on living all 9 lives

Antinol®: the premium, super potent joint + wellbeing supplement

Keeping cats moving as nature intended

Antinol® is a super-tasty, joint, skin and coat supplement clinically proven to help cats look and feel their best.

Powerful and pure, Antinol® will support your cat’s joint health and comfort, maintaining their flexibility and mobility, helping them live their best day, every day.

Try it. Trust it. Love it.

Antinol® is the official Feline Mobility Supplement used by The Big Cat Sanctuary.

Joyful Joints

Nourished Skin

Conditioned Coat

Fabulous Flexibility

Marvellous Mobility

100% Happy Cat

Make every day their best day

You know what best looks like.
You’ve seen it.

Dawn, sitting on a windowsill, watching birds. Mid morning mayhem, chasing springs, climbing trees. Afternoon naptime, sofa snuggles, endless stretches. Evening Zoomies, parkour off the stairs, into everything. Night time purrs, whiskers twitching, little snores.

We believe every cat deserves to have their best day, every day.

It’s why we’re here.
To help you give it to them.

Because your cat, is OUR cat.

Best days aren’t always easy

  • 40% of the cat population is thought to have some form of joint disease
  • 90% of cats aged over 10 have arthritis
  • Cats with joint issues are more likely to show a behavioural issue than a limp
  • Over 12% of cats suffer from skin issues
  • Over 25% of cat vet visits are related to skin issues

Bring out their best

A diet rich in Essential Fatty Acids (including Omega 3 & Omega 6) is very important to your cat’s health and wellbeing.

These EFA’s are vital in maintaining your cat’s mobility and flexibility, supporting their joint health as well as playing a starring role in nourishing their skin and conditioning their coat.

Your cat may be fed a fabulous diet, but it still may not contain the full range of EFAs your cat needs on a daily basis

It’s why supplements have a role to play.

But not all supplements are created equal.

A Superhero among Supplements

Antinol® is a super potent, patented blend of Green-Lipped Mussel oil, containing over 90 Essential Fatty Acids, including over 60 Omega-3 fatty acids.

Each Antinol® capsule contains 20 times more Essential Fatty Acids than Green-Lipped Mussel powder supplements.

100% Natural - Antinol® is designed for daily use to help your cat be at their best, every single day.

more fatty acids

than Mussel Powder

Proprietary extracted

concentrated oil


sourcing + farming from NZ

Pure. Powerful.

5 Premium and Pure Ingredients

Ingredients of Antinol

Antinol® is recommended by both primary and specialist referral vets* as the premium nutritional supplement to:

  • Support joint health + comfort
  • Maintain mobility + flexibility
  • Support optimal skin health
  • Maintain healthy + glossy coat
  • Support cognitive function

Antinol® is not just ‘recommended’ by vets, many rely on it for their own pets.

Living their best day
Every day

90% of our cat-loving humans have seen the benefits of feeding Antinol® in their cat’s mobility within the first 14 days.

We’ve also heard tales of glossy fur, silky coats and super skin that would make a model proud.

Today, thousands of cats are living their best lives on Antinol® - we’re talking:

  • Playful + Perky
  • Demanding Attention
  • Fluid + Flexible
  • Insisting on Playtime
  • Bright Eyes + Alert
  • Toileting with Ease
  • Sociable + Curious

Antinol® works. Definitively.

Antinol® is an amazing supplement. I would not be without it.

I’ve seen the benefits first-hand with my older cat Angel (19) and my two younger boys Jack (16) and Fred (16).

I’ve also seen it at work in my feline patients resulting in happier cats, and happier owners.

For joint, skin, coat and all round health & wellbeing, it’s the only supplement I choose.

Dr Alberta Michieletto, Veterinary Surgeon
DVM, MVM, GP Cert(FelP), Cert SAM, MRCVS

Cat Fred on Antinol

First-time customers

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Every Cat Starter Kit comes with a very special Welcome Gift for your cat in the form of a King Catnip Heart Toy and Refill Tube.

Truly “the finest in all the land” King Catnip is a firm favourite with all of our Antinol® cats (we’ve yet to find one who doesn’t think it’s the best thing ever).

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Existing Customers

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Super tasty. Easy to feed

Most cats eat the tiny capsules whole with delight, savouring it’s rich scent and flavour. They like being fed it by hand as a treat, or in amongst their food.

The slightly more selective (or fussy) among our Antinol® Pride prefer it hidden in a pill pocket, putty or opened and mixed in a yoghurt treat.

However your cat prefers to eat it, we’ve got you covered. Check out our detailed guide in the section below.

Feeding Antinol®. The Cat Edition

There are many ways to feed Antinol® to your cat, below are some suggestions:

  • Feed the capsule whole as a treat
  • Feed the capsule whole mixed with their usual food (wet or dry)
  • Place the whole capsule in pill putty
  • Place the whole capsule in a pill pocket
  • Cover the whole capsule in low-sodium Marmite
  • Hide the capsule in a small crumb of cheese
  • Open the capsule* and squeeze the oil onto or into their usual food
  • Open the capsule* and mix into a favourite liquid or yoghurt treat

*For guidance on how to open the capsule watch our video by RVN Chloe White.

From the
Inside Out

Don’t just take our word for it

We know how important an independent view is when you’re considering trying something new for your cat. Join our facebook group ‘The Antinol® Pride’ today to find out more about Antinol® from the people who have made it the #1 for their cats.

The group is filled with amazing cats, their wonderful humans and our team of experts, who are always on hand to answer questions and divulge lots of handy tips and tricks.

It’s the perfect place to learn more about your cat’s future Antinol® Adventure.

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  • AL

    Ann Lee

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    Antinol has made a great difference to the life of my girl.

    Antinol has made a great difference to the life of my girl.

  • E-

    Excellent - Tanya

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    We have found Antinol to be an excellent joint supplement.

    We have found Antinol to be an excellent joint supplement.

  • VG

    Very good service - Uma

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    I can’t thank enough for your service

    I can’t thank enough for your service

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    Thank you - Shirley

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    Always delivered on time as a regular 3 monthly order thanky... more

    Always delivered on time as a regular 3 monthly order thankyou

  • NG

    No going back to anything else! - Greta

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    Antinol is by far a superior and healthier option. Thanks to... more

    Antinol is by far a superior and healthier option. Thanks to a friend who recommended it

  • DC

    David Cuthbertson

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    It's a fantastic product!

    It's a fantastic product!

  • MW

    Money well spent - J Rees

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    As its says on the guide it does take some time for them t... more

    As its says on the guide it does take some time for them to kick in, be patient, it takes a while to build up in the body!

  • VH

    Very Happy - Sue

    5.0 Trustpilot rating

    I have a Jack Russell terrier and a Leonberger on antinol ... more

    I have a Jack Russell terrier and a Leonberger on antinol and they are doing great on them