Terms of Service - The Pro Feeding Programme

Participation Conditions 

  • The Vetz Petz Pro Feeding Programme (the “PFP”) is open to anyone who works as a veterinary health professional and/or has been individually verified by the Vetz Petz UK team as a member of the veterinary team.
  • Registered veterinary health professionals do not need to work for a specific veterinary practice to be eligible for the PFP, for example, peripatetic and locum vets and nurses. 
  • The eligible customer must register their pets with species, age and weight when signing up for the PFP.
  • Each eligible PFP customer can purchase for up to a maximum of 2 animals per species (dog and cat) per person of Vetz Petz products.
  • The quota per order is based on the registered pets’ weight per annum/month/quarter.
  • Vetz Petz products purchased through the PFP are for use by the eligible customers’ own pets, and not by third parties and cannot be sold on.
  • Vetz Petz UK recognises the value and importance of those within the veterinary profession, and their unique abilities to help grow the Vetz Petz brand.  As such, Vetz Petz is choosing to invest in vets, vet nurses and other verified members of the profession by providing Vetz Petz products at a preferential price. 
  • Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.
  • Payment for the product is at the point of purchase.
  • Delivery fees are at the discretion of Vetz Petz UK. Fees will be communicated at the point of purchase.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


It may be necessary due, for example, to the further development of our website or the implementation of new technology, to alter these General Terms and Conditions. Vetz Petz thus reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time in the future. We therefore recommend that customers re-read these General Terms and Conditions every now and again.


The website https://www.antinol.co.uk was developed by Vetz Petz Ltd. https://hills4you.com/UK is part of the Vetz Petz Pro Feeding Programme. This programme offers pet professionals the opportunity to order Vetz Petz products at discounted prices for their own use.


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Vetz Petz Limited respects your privacy in accordance with the laws protecting personal data (including without limitation the The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and all local Data Privacy laws. All personal data will be processed in accordance with Vetz Petz UK Limited’s Privacy Policy which can be found at: https://www.hillspet.co.uk/legal-statement-and-privacy-policy

Whenever a Customer consults our online offer, we temporarily record and store their current IP address, the date and time, the type of browser and operating system installed on the PC, and the pages viewed, until such time as they are automatically deleted. We are unable to identify natural persons on the basis of this data, however, which is precisely as intended. The majority of the online services provided by Vetz Petz UK can be accessed without the need for personal registration or disclosure of one’s identity. Use of the website for purposes of the programme is restricted solely to British veterinary practices, however, and is subject to registration and the provision of identification. In order to use this shop, one therefore has to complete a form, in which certain fields are compulsory entry and others optional. Furthermore, one invariably has to provide an email address and a password. If any of the form’s compulsory entry fields are left blank or are not completed truthfully, then access to the selected website may be refused. This also implies that Vetz Petz UK will be unable to provide the services offered on the website.

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Personal data that has been submitted on our website is stored for no longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was entrusted to us. Insofar as retention periods have to be observed for trade purposes and in accordance with tax law, certain data may be stored for up to ten years. In principle, personal data is stored in Vetz Petz UK own databases, or those of a firm whose services Vetz Petz UK has engaged.


If the Customer no longer agrees to the storage of their personal data, or in the event that it is no longer valid, then we shall either delete, amend or block access to the data in question, on the basis of a respective decision in accordance with the statutory provisions. In the event of any queries relating to the collection, processing or use of the personal information, or requests to consult, amend, block or delete said data, the customer should contact us at the following address:

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