7 ways to show your pet you love them This National Love Your Pet Day

7 ways to show your pet you love them This National Love Your Pet Day

Love is in the air! How will you show your pet that you love them this National Love Your Pet Day? Check out our ideas, and see how Team Antinol pamper our pets

By Antinol Team

It's February and love is in the air!

No, not Valentine's day. It's National Love Your Pet Day in the UK! A special day dedicated to showing your pet how much you love them and how incredible they are.

So whether you have a cat or a dog, February 20th is the day to shower them with love and affection—making them feel extra special!

7 ways to show your pet you love them.

1. Focus on them

Take your pet on their favourite walk, play with their best toy, or snuggle down and watch a film together, cuddle on the sofa. (Maybe Beethoven or 101 Dalmatians?) Whatever you do, they'll love the extra time they're getting with their best human!

2. Go on an adventure

Where is their favourite place to walk? Hit the park? Run through the forest? Go for a swim? Take them on a walk that they love, or head somewhere new on an exciting adventure. Getting out together is one of the best ways of showing your pet you love them! Your cat probably isn't up for a walk, but relax in the garden with them or play chase around the house. 

3. Spoil them with a special treat

Whether it's a new toy, their favourite treat, or a gourmet dinner, give your pet an extra treat—something super special to show them you care. Get your feline friend purring and your dog's tail wagging!

4. A pamper and a check-up

They'll love a pamper—get their coat looking super silky. But don't forget to pamper the inside too. Book them a check-up with their vet. Make sure their vaccinations are up to date, and they aren't carrying any unwelcome visitors with anti-parasite treatments. Keeping them healthy is THE BEST way to show them you love them. 

5. Give them a joint and wellness supplement

Keep their joints healthy and support them from the inside with Antinol. What better way to show them you care than with a clinically proven joint supplement to help keep them active for years to come...We even have a National Love Your Pet Day special offer...check it out here...

6. Keep their brain busy

Toys, puzzle feeders and learning new tricks will all provide your pet with mental stimulation, helping to keep them healthy (and even help with their behaviour). For the pooches out there, you could try a new canine sport. Get the canine sport lowdown here.

7. Show them some love on social media

Share pictures of your pet on social media and show the world just how much you love them. Don't forget to tag us @antinol_uk

How do Team Antinol show our pets that we love them?

Rebecca Salvatore - Specialist Copywriter

"Our cat, Barnaby, and our daughter adore each other. They sleep together, watch tv together---he even helps her make breakfast. She has built him a "den" under her bed with all her favourite blankets and teddies. He gets her undivided attention!"

Chloe White - UK Partnerships Manager

"Our girl had a tricky start to life, so we make sure she knows she is loved. I gently wake her from bad dreams for a snuggle. I sing to her, and we never leave the house without giving her a special biscuit so she knows it's not a bad thing and we're coming back."


National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to show your furry friend just how much you love and appreciate them. Spending quality time together, keeping them happy and healthy and going the extra mile for them makes sure they feel extra special every day...not just on National Love Your Pet Day. 

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