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Jet-setting Qju is up and at it, with AntinolⓇ!

European agility champion Qju was living the jet-setting dream. Find out how AntinolⓇ fits into her mobility journey.. 

By Antinol Team

Written with love


Mona knows how it feels to live amongst champions. When we caught up with her on Zoom, she was surrounded by her pack of agility champions. For the past 21 years, Mona has run dogs in competitions all over the world.

Mona's competition dogs

“I'm really proud of all my dogs, and with my youngest one, I'm really looking forward to her future.”

Mona and her dogs have had incredible agility careers, but it is Qju who has made it possible for her to see the world. 

“My girl Qju is eight and a half. We have enjoyed agility in so many different countries. It was a really great pleasure to run her, and we got a lot of great results. We were the 2019 European Open team and individual champion. I was really proud of that. And in 2019, we also got the Vice World Champion in the team competition. That's our biggest achievement.”

But last summer, Mona decided it was time to focus on Qju’s mobility as she was getting older but had some heavy training plans ahead of her. Mona wanted to support her joint health as she aged.

Qju standing on a purple board

“I started doing my own research to see how I could help her more, and I searched for a good supplement. That's when I first came into contact with AntinolⓇ.”

“Actually, my vet in Germany first recommended it, and then the physiotherapist. She said it's a really good source of omega-three to support mobility issues. I then did my own research and heard about where it is produced and that it is such a pure essence. It sounded good to me, but I had to try it to see if it worked for my dogs. It sounded very interesting.”

Mona didn’t expect it to be a wonder supplement, but she thought of Qju’s joint health as a journey with multiple stops.  AntinolⓇ is crucial in keeping Qju active, with healthy joints that can handle the intense training and exercise they enjoy.  She felt confident, knowing that AntinolⓇ is supporting her long-term joint health.

Qju resting up

For several months now, all of Mona’s dogs and her partner’s puppy have been having AntinolⓇ. 


“Our youngster was really sloppy in her movements. I think it was part of her growing up. It’s encouraging to have AntinolⓇ there to support her joint health as she starts her agility training journey.” 


Mona’s middle-aged dog is in super shape physically, AntinolⓇ has helped her maintain her fitness and performance for a long time, plus her coat is good now. When she sheds seasonally, it comes through much easier.


“My older one is almost 15. She now also has AntinolⓇ , which has supported her well.”


With all of her dogs having AntinolⓇ, you might think dinner time is a nightmare, but Mona finds it easy to feed AntinolⓇ. All of them will eat it from her hand as if it is a treat. Even her pickiest dog will eat it mixed into their dinner.

Qju + Mona on a walk

So, would Mona recommend AntinolⓇ to other owners wanting to support their agility dog’s joint health?

“I think it's a really, really good, high-level product—high quality. In my experience, it’s really good to give it to dogs for mobility support, but also to those who are training heavily or competing. I like to support my dogs as best as possible—especially when there may be more competitions or more intensive training, and I think AntinolⓇ is very good for that.”

Qju lying in bed

And what else can Mona suggest to help dogs who can’t exercise?... Support their mental health too.

“Don't put your dog in a closed crate—involve them in normal life. Make a puppy pen in your living room with toys so that the dog is close to you and can always see you. When Qji couldn’t exercise, I had one in the living room and one upstairs. I would carry her up, so she was always with us and got attention. That's really important.”

Qju with a teddy

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