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Bonnie lives her best life in the limelight, with AntinolⓇ.

Bonnie and her furry friends are social media stars! Aimee explains how Antinol keeps Bonnie's joints in tip-top condition for her life in the spotlight.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Bonnie, Fergus, and Rosa love the camera! Their own social media account has taken the internet by storm. This fun-loving threesome has nearly 12,000 followers from all over the world. 


Bonnie and Fergus are Labradors, and Rosa is a Cocker Spaniel. Much of their life is spent zooming around the countryside, on long walks in the forest, swimming—they’ll even turn their paw to paddle-boarding.

Aimee is this furry threesome’s camerawoman, social media assistant, and adoring pet-parent. 

With her three in the limelight, Aimee knows how important it is to keep them at the top of their game and in the best condition to live their best social media lives! 

Bonnie posing with Antinol

Aimee knew that Labradors often need extra support to keep their joints healthy and keep them active, and mobile. So she decided to find a supplement that could help.


“I did a lot of research! I had made myself my own little table of what each supplement had in it. It’s hard to compare them because everything has different levels; they use different units and ingredients. It was a nightmare.” 


“I can’t remember how I came across Antinol. We had a box delivered to work, and then I met another dog who was using it, so I'd already got it at the back of my mind. It always gets really good reviews online too. It's difficult for me to compare Antinol to anything else because it’s made differently, with a different process than anything else— it just seems that bit better!”

Bonnie by the beach with Antinol

Aimee gave Antinol a try with Bonnie to support her long-term joint health, and now, she is also feeding it to Fergus. He is a 5-year-old, so she wants to give him the best chance to stay active and mobile, and she is confident that Antinol will help. 


Bonnie and Fergus have been having Antinol for almost two years now, and Aimee would recommend it to anyone wanting to support their pet’s mobility. 


“I've definitely recommended it to other pet owners. I always suggest it for younger dogs as well, because it's something that they can have long-term. It’s really easy to feed too. I can literally give it to them out of my hands.” 

Aimee holding the Antinol capsules in her hand while Bonnie looks at her

We asked what advice she would give to other pet parents who have pets that aren’t as mobile as her three superstars.  

“Keep their brains busy. Get lots of enrichment toys for your pet. They might have good and bad days. Just take the good days.”


Bonnie is loving life in the limelight. With Antinol supporting her healthy mobility, she is swimming, paddle boarding, and getting out into the wild with Fergus, Rosa, and Aimee.

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