Bonnie + Snoopy - Snoopy went from “blah” to “zesty” with Antinol

Bonnie + Snoopy - Snoopy went from “blah” to “zesty” with Antinol

Bonnie lost her Mom and inherited Snoopy. She wanted to keep him as happy and healthy as possible. With AntinolⓇ, he's loving life and is getting "the zoomies"!

Antinol Team

By Antinol Team

“Snoopy was originally my Mum’s cat. I inherited him when she passed away. They were best buds. Snoopy would jump up on her mobility walker and let her push him around the house. It was so cute. But it's just me and Snoopy left. So I'm trying to keep him healthy for as long as I can.”

Snoopy and Bonnie live with Bonnie’s other cat. Snoopy loves to play with his friend, jump around the house and go on walks with Bonnie. 

Bonnie and her friend - forest cats looking out of the window - Antinol

“He’s a purebred Siberian forest cat. They're very large cats, known as leapers. They have dog-like characteristics, so I walk him on a lead. He's very well-behaved!”

Unfortunately, Snoopy has recently been unwell, and although he is now much better, Bonnie decided she needed to focus on his wellness and supporting his health, particularly his joint health.

“He didn’t seem to be on top of his game. He was just blah. So my vet suggested to me that I try this product, AntinolⓇ, and I'd never heard of it before. I didn't know what to expect. I was keen to maintain his joint health and wellness so I thought, ‘I'll try anything.’ And I was pleasantly surprised.”

Siberian forest cats are big cats, and Snoopy weighs over 8kg. So Bonnie and her vet decided to keep Snoopy on two capsules a day beyond the initial 15 days. 

“I began to notice a difference. He was licking me. He was playing with my other cat. He was trying to climb his cat tree. I was thrilled because I wanted to keep him healthy and keep him as long as I could.”

Bonnie Siberian Forest Cat sitting on top of cat tree

Bonnie had done her own research into AntinolⓇ before she started giving it to Snoopy. 

“I read about the manufacturing process being unique and coming from ‘The clear waters of New Zealand,’ as they say. It seemed to be a very natural process, and there was a lot of emphasis on quality control, which was important to me, as I take lots of supplements myself. I've always taken fish oil, which I liken to AntinolⓇ for cats.”

“I saw an extremely noticeable difference with AntinolⓇ. He was bouncing from my table to the kitchen island. It’s a 70cm jump. The first time I saw him do it, I closed my eyes, and I hoped he wouldn't miss.”

Bonnie Siberian Forest Cat sitting on garden chair with lead on

When it’s AntinolⓇ time in Snoopy’s daily schedule, Bonnie and Snoopy have their own special routine. 

“I had tried giving him some other supplements a couple of years ago, and I had difficulty because you had to sprinkle them on the food, or he just wouldn't eat them. However, these are small enough that I just pop them in his mouth. We have a little routine, and I tell him, ‘Chin up, whiskers back, open up, here it comes.’”

And it’s not just a difference in his mobility and zest for life that Bonnie noticed. 

“Siberian forest cats are the only cat in the world with three layers of fur. And it is so silky – it's just like velvet!”

Snoopy and Bonnie love going on lead walks, and he is having a blast “getting the zoomies” with his friend. 

So, what would Bonnie say to other pet parents worried about their cat’s mobility?

“I would say that you have to give it time. It's not a quick fix but they're like your children so I think you need to give it as much time as possible.”

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