We honour our promises

We honour our promises

Most pet owners see a difference in their pets with Antinol, but all pets are different, and a few won’t respond as well. That's why we offer our 100% money-back guarantee. See how easy it is to claim and why trying Antinol is totally risk-free.

Antinol Team

By Antinol Team

We’ve all seen more satisfaction guarantees than our dogs could shake their favourite stick at. We know they can leave a bitter taste—nothing is really covered, or you have to jump through hoops to actually claim. It’s more hassle than it's worth, right? 

But here at Vetz Petz, we honour our promises, and if you’re not 100% satisfied with Antinol, we’ll give you your money back. 

No ifs. No buts. No problem. 

So let’s give you the lowdown on our guarantee, how it works, and why you should try Antinol today.

Step 1 - Try Antinol

Grab your 60-day risk-free trial pack of Antinol here

Antinol® is a super potent natural joint + wellness supplement that is changing dogs’ and cats’ lives for the better.  We truly believe in the power of Antinol, as do owners like Lyndsey…

We recommend taking note of your pet’s mobility and condition before you start the trial. Perhaps record some videos of them moving around for you to refer back to. That way, it’s easy to see their progress.

Step 2 - Talk to us

All pets are different, and that means they can take different lengths of time to respond to Antinol, especially if they are bigger than average. If you’re not seeing the results you hoped for, or have any questions, get in touch. 

We might have some tweaks or suggestions that are specific to your pet and situation, and we’re always happy to help.

You can contact us here, or on 0800 193 3515.


Step 3 - Get your money back

If, after 60 days, you’ve still seen no difference in your pet, fear not! You can claim your money back—so giving Antinol a try is truly risk-free. 

We honour our promises. 

If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your money via our super-smooth guarantee processJust reach out to our team and we’ll organise a hassle-free refund straight to your bank account. 

Not convinced it’s that easy? See what others who have claimed our money-back guarantee say. 

See, nice and simple. 
So there is really no risk to giving Antinol a try for your pet. What have you got to lose, and what could your furry friend gain? 

Give Antinol a try today for healthy mobility and happy, waggy tails! 


Antinol - Keeping happiness in motion. 
Order your 60-day risk-free trial now.

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