Chatting with Alex @thecatnurse_rvn about cat welfare

Chatting with Alex @thecatnurse_rvn about cat welfare

A frank and wide ranging conversation with Alex Turner RVN CertSAN ISFM DipFN AdvCertFB on how to maintain and support the health and wellbeing of cats 


By Antinol Team

Over 90% of cats over the age of twelve have osteoarthritis, but cats are still underdiagnosed for mobility issues in comparison to dogs.

In this podcast episode, our resident RVN, and self-confessed animal nutrition obsessive, Chloe White, catches up with cat welfare expert Alex Taylor—The Cat Nurse (@thecatnurse_rvn).

Alex has made it her mission to educate her followers on all things cat welfare, and mobility problems are no exception. Today, she’ll answer your questions on osteoarthritis and mobility issues in cats, how we can support them at all stages of the disease, and what we, as owners, could do better for them.

In this episode

  • Alex discusses the feline grimace score, a validated pain scoring method that can help us as owners identify when we believe our cats are in pain. No easy task with our secretive feline friends. Download the feline grimace score app here.
  • Cats live in the moment, but what does that mean for their quality of life? Are you worried about your cat’s health and happiness? Alex explains how this simple assessment tool can help and gives you tips on supporting your cat’s day-to-day happiness. Read the quality of life assessment here.

Alex has a veritable treat bag full of information on her webpage about cat welfare, so if you’re looking to help your kitty live its best life, then visit The Cat Nurse here.

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